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Dear you,

is it possible to change because time dictates it?


An opera in 9 scenes


"People were more equal then than they are now! And that's what I think most people miss today too. It was an illusion." 

What is the connection of a social group? 
Which changes of society can someone handle, which not?
What comes along with the loss of structures you were sentiment to?
What does mandatory democracy means for someone who was not dealing with it before?
What about freedom and financial liberation?
Where comes struggling to the new from? 
What determined self-explorations are possible? 

With regard to a changing system Prekaria is an opera measuring the Sentimentality and Redefinition in an excessive way. Visual and acoustic deformations open the installation up to a precarious state of mind. 3 hours of mentally aesthetic and jamming contents making the downfall of ideals lost in space. 


Installation view Mark Müller Galerie, Zurich, 2015


Interviews on GDR and the "Wende" of 20 Thuringians in 2013 
Solo performance of Sara and Tobias Mengs, professional opera singers  
An performance of the Heidechor Königshofen, choralsingers by hobby under the direction of Stefan Lindner, professional musician and conductor

Realization and conception: Marie-Luise Lange + Jeroen Singer, Studio Prekär
Composition: Stefan Lindner
Camera: Rene Baumann, Jeroen Singer
Sound: Simon Kubisch
Sound design: Gregg Skerman
Technical support: Sebastian Heller, ZhDK, AVZ, Aufdi AufderMauer Videocompany, Ingo Schulze

Friendly Financed by the STEO Foundation Zurich.


Photo by Patrik Fuchs Photography 

There is a 1-hour edit for 1 screen on DVD. You can order itat my contactmail for 
CHF25 // 23€ .

Graphic design: Vincent Bodmer
Editing and Realization DVD: Michael Karrer
Publisher: Edition Haus am Gern, Biel
Copyright: Studio Prekär, Marie-Luise Lange + Jeroen Singer

Friendly financed by the STEO Foundation Zurich.

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